Case Study

South West Genomics Lab Hub.

The Challenge

Trans Health Co were asked by our long-term client, North Bristol NHS Trust to support them after they had bid for and been awarded the contract to run the South West Region Genomics Hub. We were asked to;
i) Produce a Project Plan for implementation of the GLH in the South West.

ii) Support the regional Genomics hub in meeting the timeframe for delivery & commissioning of the new service.

iii Manage the process of system interface development with supplier and multiple trust IT services.

The Approach

All stakeholders were identified and interviewed. They were asked to detail the deliverables, and subsequently asked to review other’s deliverables to incite thought on additional activities. They were asked for, and provided, every possible work item, a duration for the work, an expected completion date, their level of commitment (as a resource), and how they saw the interactions and dependencies between each aspect of the project. At this initial stage, a report was made on the perceived commitment of the key stakeholders to the project aims and the level of resource they would provide. A report was also prepared on possible routes to completion reducing the timescales as initially identified. This was directed at the availability of staff to work on the project, and the possibilities available with a shift of focus.

The Value Added by Trans Health Co

We were able to achieve each of the objectives within the cost and timeframe. We provided an internal management control structure to enable the programme to be closely managed. The Trust also benefitted from our ongoing flexible support relationship, reducing the cost and timeframe of engaging with and placing resources for future projects. Finally, we ensured our legacy knowledge was transferred to the internal resources.

The Lessons Learned

i) Always ensure early engagement for key stakeholders and detail their expected level and scope of involvement.
ii) Select workstream leads based on skills and competencies.
iii) Ensure expectations are managed appropriately, adding value and realism to the project planning and delivery.