Case Study

Electronic Patient Record Implementation

The Challenge

To translate the Patient Pathway design to the configuration needed within IMS Maxims so that the pathway could be delivered to and supported by staff at UK Specialist Hospital's (UKSH) Treatment Centres.

The Approach

The elements of the Patient Pathway that were fundamental and intrinsic to delivery of patient treatment were identified: This meant the build, which meant configuring IMS Maxims from scratch, would cover the most important aspects first.
Then an ongoing process of methodically building the software configuration and maintaining a progress log was commenced.
How progress affected delivery of hospital services drove the ongoing prioritisation of work, which needed constant review and update.
Alongside the process a log was maintained of possible enhancements and improvements which would feed back to the owners of the patient pathway design. Some were aspects that could not effectively be delivered by the software, some would require enhancement of the software, and some represented opportunities for improvement that the software could deliver. The log and recommendations were presented to the clinical representatives on the Board for final decision, and the decisions incorporated into the software configuration.

The Value Added by Trans Health Co

Successful delivery of an agreed build of IMS Maxims that was used by UKSH immediately after validation, in order to drive the entire operating aspects of their treatment centres.
Many enhancements were made to the core IMS Maxims product due to the design and functionality advice from the THC embedded resources.

The Lessons Learned

i) The EPR design must be mapped to and tailored for the coding structures, and processes in use, across each service speciality, to avoid delay in redesign of build or duplication of testing & validation resources.
ii) Standard input forms, User Defined Assessments, and order tables should not deviate from recommended standards for ease of use/support & reporting.