Case Study

Independent Sector Treatment Centre Commissioning

The Challenge

Following failures by the consultant company initially tasked with delivery, THC were asked to provide oversight, drive, and motivation to get the many elements of IT provision completed at this greenfield site. This included remediation of aspects already in delay. The remit was subsequently extended to take responsibility for all aspects of Ready For Operation (RFO) provision and presentation to gain CQC approval to open the centre.

The Approach

The first item was an audit of remaining work and gaining a perspective on the situation in reality, as opposed to that reported.
As an incredibly diverse programme, initial stages involved shaping the team, and ascertaining which elements of delivery could be entrusted entirely to subcontractors. Luckily, this included the building fabrication and building services. The work boiled down to software and all electrical hardware, networks and communications.
The priorities were re-appraised daily as the many and varied suppliers shifted availability and delivery schedules. The critical path was maintained as were communications with the hands-on senior management.
The whole programme needed flexible and responsive controls and an intimate knowledge of all aspects. It was vital to appraise developments quickly to prioritise correctly, and to assimilate new knowledge and fit it into the crowded schedule.

The Value Added by Trans Health Co

The Treatment Centre went live on schedule and on budget.
There were no remedial actions to be completed after go-live; the Centre commenced business-as-usual running from day one.

The Lessons Learned

i) Early engagement with the Commissioner (or any external regulator) is essential to the success of this build and service provision.
ii) Well defined processes and admission/acceptance criteria important to be communicated from the beginning, well in advance of RfO and Opening.