Clinical safety

We offer a range of flexible services to ensure you comply with the latest national safety standards and reduce risks to patients

Clinical Safety Officer representation

Our experienced team of trained CSOs accredited with NHS Digital will help you
to manage and implement a clinical safety management system.

Our services

  • Independent Clinical Safety Officer

    Our dedicated CSO will be available to manage and implement a risk management file to meet compliance with DCB0129 & DCB0160

  • Independent safety engineers

    Providing hands-on flexible support for your staff in producing safety documentation and maintaining your clinical safety management system.

Clinical safety training

Tailored on-site training covering all aspects of the clinical safety process allowing your staff members to contribute and manage the clinical safety management system, when required.

Our services

  • Clinical safety awareness training

    A course designed to make your staff aware of their roles and responsibilities in the clinical safety process, including adherence to NHS safety standards DCB0129/DCB0160.

  • Clinical safety training

    A comprehensive clinical safety management course for staff directly involved and responsible for clinical safety management in compliance with DCB0129/DCB0160.

Medical device directive/regulations

Whether you need to demonstrate compliance, complete assessments and documentation, or register your software as a medical device, our team will either completely manage or guide you through the process.

We help with

  • DCB0129 Clinical risk management

    It is imperative for manufacturers to ensure they meet the necessary clinical risk management standards for any hardware or software product used to provide electronic information for health or social care purposes.

  • DCB0160 Clinical risk management

    We have extensive experience in this standard for ensuring the safety of health IT systems through the application of clinical risk management in its deployment, use, maintenance or decommissioning.

Our clinical safety associate

Dean Mawson

I am a practicing clinician with over 27 years’ experience in an acute hospital setting. For the last 11 years of this I worked for a leading healthcare IT company as clinical safety officer/clinical specialist accredited through NHS Digital for my clinical safety work and have a good working relationship with their safety team.

My NHS clinical experience spans roles as a staff nurse in Trauma and Orthopaedics, charge nurse, ward manager, admissions coordinator and care pathway facilitator, so I understand first-hand the pressures on NHS staff.

The focus of my work on the IT supplier side has been making sure all systems are risk averse and comply with the national safety standards DCB0129/DCB0160. I am passionate about patient safety because I have been affected by it on a personal level and have seen what can happen if we do not pay attention to the detail which can cause clinical errors or never events.

Get in touch

If you would like an informal chat about your clinical safety requirements, please contact our associate Dean Mawson on 07840049772 or

Associates' Testimonials

  • “Dean’s combination of healthcare acumen and communication skills makes him an outstanding CSO. Dean has a wealth of knowledge of in clinical risk management, standards and the processes and tools for effective and efficient clinical risk management.”

    Neill McAnaspie, Solutions Director, IMS MAXIMS
  • “Dean’s professional and honest approach coupled with his experience, knowledge and clinical background has enabled us to build an effective partnership for achieving our respective SCCI0160 and SCCI0129 commitments and, most importantly provide the assurance and oversight that risk to patients from digital solutions are being detected and mitigated.”

    David Chalkley, Deputy CCIO and IT Clinical Safety Lead, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • "Clinical Safety is the most important consideration when acquiring any new application. Dean and I worked together as Clinical Safety Officers - Dean from the supplier side and myself from the customer side. It was so refreshing to work with someone who was happy to talk about safety issues in an open and friendly manner, despite being on different sides of the fence.”

    Ruth Saunders, Clinical Safety Officer, Ramsay Health Care UK